What Makes A Legend?

About The Legends

Enter the world of Almighty Legends where you will meet some of God’s most accomplished Angels who will come face to face with the Four Horseman and unlock the final battle of Good Vs Evil. Here, biblical truth, myth, and ancient legends are intertwined and represented by exquisitely designed action figures. These fully articulating characters are perfect for the most discerning collector, child, or anyone with an interest in Biblical lore. Embark on the journey of creation, faith, and everlasting life in the face of evil.  Add one to your collection today!

The Messenger of Faith

Front line of the Heralds of Heaven's Infantry and master of the double bladed, Haladie sword.

Gabriel The Messenger

The Three Angels of Virtue - Hope

Michael The Warrior
Representation of Hope
Leader of the Archangels and Heralds of Heaven

The Three Angels of Virtue - Charity

Raphael The Healer
Bringing God's mercy to the Fallen both Heralds and Dredge

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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