Discover The Almighty Legends Toyline
and Beyond

Enter the world of Almighty Legends, where ancient truth and myth tell a story beyond time. These action figures will fill the imagination of both the 1:12 scale collector and the classic 1:18 scale enthusiast as well. The first series of legendary figures includes the 3 Archangels, Gabriel the Messenger, Michael the Defender, and Raphael the Healer. Each represents the three holy virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity.
They are followed by the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, War, Conquest, Famine, and Death(Azrael) who represent the four elements and stages of life. Our goal is to deliver a unique and thoughtful action figure line that will create a positive change in the way collectors, both young and seasoned, collect and play. Almighty Legends aims to blend the greatest story ever told with the youthful imagination of those who love classic action figures. These figures are based on the Bible and take a legendary approach.
The final product may vary slightly from the prototype image shown. Wave 1 includes Death and Gabriel along with exclusive armor 2 packs. The ship date for Wave 1 is estimated at Q4 2024.

Going beyond the action figures, Almighty Legends is venturing into comic books, films, games, and other media. These extensions aim to not only raise awareness for the figures but also contribute a portion of merchandise and media sales to local food pantries and homeless outreach programs

Featured Figures - Wave 1 (Alpha and Omega)

Gabriel - Messenger of Faith

Messenger General of the Heralds. Gabriel is the voice of God, calling upon the faithful to take up arms against the wickedness of the Dredge. His message of Faith in our humanity cries out from his Shofar and his justice is delivered on the razor sharp edges of his double-bladed Haladie Sword.

Death/Azrael - Spirit of Wind

In the same way that the winter gales cover the sky in early darkness, so too will the winds of Azrael enact their will upon our final breath and the acceptance of our own mortality

Azrael’s Scythe cuts through the air, severing the very fabric of life itself, a last breath bringing forth the final battle of life on Earth, and our eternal journey begins.